Prescribing of Health Supplements and Medications

NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (Bromley CCG) is committed to delivering best value by ensuring that we use our resources well. Therefore to help us to support the cost effective, evidence based use of medicines, NHS Bromley CCG no longer supports the routine prescribing of health supplements and medications that can be bought over the counter for self-limiting, short-term illnesses and minor conditions.

Acne treatment

Analgesic/pain relief treatment (short term pain, fever, headache, muscle/joint injury, infrequent migraine)

Anti-fungal treatment (athlete’s foot, oral and vaginal thrush, ring worm, dandruff)

Antiperspirant treatment (excessive sweating)

Antiseptic creams and treatment for minor burns and scalds

Camouflage creams

Cold sore treatment

Colic treatment

Constipation treatment

Cough, cold and sore throat treatment

Cradle cap treatment

Diarrhoea treatment

Ear wax remover

Emollients and bath oils for mild dry skin

Eye treatments/lubricating products (Conjunctivitis/ dry eyes)

Fluoride containing products for prevention of dental caries

Haemorrhoid (piles) treatment

Hayfever treatment

Head lice treatment

Herbal and complementary treatments

Homeopathic preparations

Indigestion and heartburn (dyspepsia) treatment

Mild cystitis treatment

Mouth ulcer treatment and treatment for teething

Nappy rash treatment

Scabies treatment

Sunburn treatment


Threadworm treatment

Topical steroid treatment (insect bites/stings, contact dermatitis, nappy rash)

Travel sickness treatment

Vitamins and minerals

Wart and verruca treatment